This is the ultimate is customization. Your cartridge built to your exact specification. A custom ground reamer, custom dies, and you are on you way to a one-of-a-kind rifle. If you have clear goals or just an idea, we can help you design your cartridge and rifle.

Wildcat Examples

The 6BR is the parent case for the 6 Dasher , and the 20 BR.
6BR with 105 gr. Bullet, you can expect around ~2850fps.
6 Dasher with 105gr. Bullet ~3,000 fps.
20BR with 55gr. Bullet, ~3600-3700fps.

358 Hoosier
.284 Winchester 180gr. Bullet ~2700-2850 fps.
284 Shehane with 180gr. Bullet up to ~3000fps.

358 Hoosier
The .358 Hoosier was designed to meet State of Indiana hunting rules requiring a "pistol" cartridge to be shot in a rifle for Deer Hunting. 225 grain Bullet at 2400fps.
It hits like a Hammer!

358 Hoosier